Teistiméireacht / Testimonials

Michael Nevin

Longford County Enterprise Board 2015

“My four daughters were educated in Gaelscoil an Longfoirt through the medium of Irish where the standard of education was of the highest quality. They received a rounded education that has allowed them to thrive as they progress through secondary school into 3rd level. My eldest daughter Aisling was in the first ever class in 1998 and has retained a real grá for the school, for the Irish language and for Irish culture in general and my hope is that she passes on this passion to future generations. I am proud to be associated in a small way with the establishment of the school and I have watched it consistently producing final year students who can hold their own and excel in whatever secondary school they subsequently join.”

Ann Gerety Smyth 2015

Ardagh Heritage & Creativity Centre

“When the opportunity came to have a Gaelscoil in Longford we both enthusiastically put our efforts into helping make it a reality as I didn’t want my first born having the same experience as I did and my husband just loves Irish. My daughter Mary joined Gaelscoil Longfoirt in its second year. We are delighted to say she is very capable and happy to converse in Irish. Her experience is Gaelscoil Longfoirt gave her a thirst to try new things as it is such a progressive school that is open to new ideas and opportunities for children to learn. We look forward to our next daughter joining in the activities and interesting projects we know she will have the opportunity to do in Gaelscoil Longfoirt.”

Ryan Hewitt 2015

3rd year Law Student at Trinity College Dublin and Past-Pupil

“Attending Gaelscoil Longfoirt was highly advantageous for me. It gave me a huge boost going into secondary school as my Irish was so much more advanced than those from other primary schools. This allowed me to excel in a subject which is so core to any students college hopes. Irish was thought through an array of methods including sport, maths and history to name a few. It also gave me a great platform to learn other languages such as German as the two are quite similar in some instances and my ability to learn new languages had been heightened by learning a new one from such a young age. All in all, my time at Gaelscoil Longfoirt was one of the best of my life and it really set me up to succeed in the future.”

Cllr. Gerry Warnock 2015

Longford Municipal District

“Rachel and I chose the Gaelscoil for Katie because of the good reputation of the school and for the intellectual benefits associated with being bilingual. Also I am personally a great advocate of celebrating our cultural identity and I believe that the preservation and promotion of the Irish Language is paramount in retaining our national traditions. One of my major regrets is not being a proficient Irish Speaker and I would like my children to have that skill…”

Fearann Uí Dhuagáin, Longfort.
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