Rang a 4

Rang 4

Obair Bhaile Dé Luain: 20/4/2020

Gaeilge: Gramadach: Ceist A agus B: Write out into your cóipleabhar Gaeilge and underline the grammar point please.

Scríbhneoireacht: Cad a rinne mé ag am Cháisc?

Béarla: Complete the attachment in email.

Writing: Write a story ‘What i did at Easter.

Mata: Fad/Length Complete Q 1, 2 ,3 and 4 in your copy please.

Táblaí. Complete the attachment on email.

Project for the week: Do a project on your favourite past time.

Headings: Title/ Why i like this past time/When i began this past time.

Draw a picture/ put in a photo of you enjoying your past time.

How would you persuade people to join your group/past time.

Obair Bhaile Rang a Ceathair 21/4/20

Corpoideachas: Run/walk/ jump around the garden and enjoy the fine weather.

Mata: Continue onto Questions 5 and 6 on yesterday’s sheet and do questions 1 – 4 on today’s sheet, Do these in your copy please.

English: Please do day 3 and 4 on attached sheet.

English Writing: Write out your News in your copy for today.

Gaeilge: Write out the attached grammar section in your copy please.

Scríobh do Nuacht féin i do chóipleabhar más e do thoil é.

Ready Steady Write: Continue on with one more page please.

TG 4 Scoil ag Baile is on TG4 at 10 am and is directed at children attending Gaelscoileanna. It is recommended that your child would watch it.

Also RTÉ have the Home School Hub on RTE 1 at 11am.

Rang 4

Please find attached homework for Dé Céadaoin. 22/4/2020

Mata: Q5 &6 and Imlíne/ perimeter, to be completed in copy please.

Tables. Dè Cèadaoin.

Bèarla. Day 5 &6

English writing: Write about your favourite dinner.

Gaeilge: Gramadach D

Scríbhneoireacht: scríobh scèal beag faoin teideal: An Dinnéar Is Fearr Liom.

Ready Steady write. Do one more page please.

Is mise le meas,


Rang 4

Obair Bhaile Déardaoin 23/4/2020

All attachments will be sent on email the evening before.

Mata: Q 1, 2,3 ,4 attachment on email. Do these in your maths copy please.

Táblaí: Work sheet Déardaoin


Gramadach: E Write into your copy please and underline the grammar point.

Scríbhneoireacht: Scríobh píosa faoin ‘Scannán is fear leat’

Béarla: Day 7 and 8 on attachment.

Write about ‘My Favourite Movie’

Ready Steady Write: One more page to be completed.

Obair Bhaile Dé hAoine 24/4/2020

Project: Complete your project and send it to me via email please.

Eolaíocht: Measc suas uisce agus ola nó im agus scríobh amach cad a tharlaíonn.

Ealaín: Tarraing pictiúr den Earrach agus na bláthanna sa ghairdín.

Mata: complete the maths sheet for Friday in the email.

Bainigí sult as an deireadh seachtaine.

Fearann Uí Dhuagáin, Longfort.
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