Rang a 2

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Seo obair Rang a Dó an tseachtain seo.


Rang a Dó

20/4/2020 - 24/4/2020

Mata Draíochta: Surface area: lch.135,136,137,138.

Mental Maths: Week 27

Uimhir an Lae (Number of the day): In Maths copy. The number is 18 or the children can pick their own number and do one a day if they like.

Táblaí: -6 (you can write out tables in your Maths copy)

My Spelling Workbook A: Unit 12

My Spelling Workbook B: Unit 12

Starlight Skills Book: lch.40 (Verbs) In your English copy choose 5 verbs and put them into sentences. (Folens.ie, search Starlight and you will find all the stories from the Core Reader that the children can follow)

Ready, Steady, Write: One page a day.

Fuaimeanna agus Focail: Aonad 27

Ag Obair Liom: Lch. 62 Ruairí Rón- read poem and colour words with ua.

Write out these words in your Irish copy.

Abair Liom: lch 104,105. (Folens.ie. If you search Abair Liom there are lots of matching games, songs and poems that the children are familiar with and can recap on)

I nGrá Dé: lch 48- Write down 4 ways we can help other children in the world who may not have everything we have.

-Write your own prayer for other children.

Léitheoireacht: Gaeilge: Half a page a day.

Béarla: Move onto next story.

Fearann Uí Dhuagáin, Longfort.
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