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25.05.2020 - 29.05.2020

A Thuiste,

I hope that you all enjoyed the weekend and that the páistí are all happy and well.

It was great to see all the happy smiley faces on our Zoom meeting. It was also great to meet the family cats and see all the toys from home!!

I will arrange another call soon and will let you know the details. Thank you to all who joined in!

Thank you also to all of you who have collected your children`s school books , scrapbooks etc. I hope the páistí have enjoyed looking back through the photographs with their friends and that you have enjoyed seeing their wonderful paintings!

I still have a couple of bags that haven’t been collected yet. I will email you with a time and date to collect them. They will be left on a table in the school yard with your child`s name on the bag so I would advise coming at the assigned time. Feel free to email me on if the time does not suit and I can arrange to have them left out at another time. I will be in contact with the other teachers so we can arrange siblings packs to be left out for collection on the same day.

Here is this week`s work. Only do what you can.

As always you are welcome to take photos and send on any work to me at .

For anyone who hasn’t signed up for folensonline yet, this is the registration link

1.Abair liom : Lesson 28 “Ar an trá

You will find the lesson here

Poem : ‘Lá ar an trá “

Song : ‘Ar an trá

P 96 & 97

Match the pictures to the main picture : grianmhar (sunny), scamall (cloud), gaineamh (sand), an fharraige (the sea), caisleán gainimh (sand castle), spád (spade), buicéad (bucket), liathróid (ball), bád (boat), culaith shnámha (swim suit), tuáille (towel), ag snámh (swimming) (playing football), ag imirt peile, ag léamh (reading), ag éisteacht (listening)

P 98

  1. Listen & join the dots

‘Cuir méar ar an mbuicéad (put your finger on the bucket ), anois ceangail na poncanna (now join the dots).

Cuir méar ar an mbád/ar an tuáille/ar an ngrian/ar an spád/ar an gcaisleán gainimh/ar an scamall. (Put your finger on the boat/on the towel/on the sun/on the spade/on the sandcastle/ on the cloud.

Anois ceangail na poncanna. Dathaígí na pictiúir. (Join the dots and colour the picture)

  1. Listen & Join together

Tá Mamaí ag léamh. (Mammy is reading ) Ceangail Mamaí agus an pictiúr ceart. (Match Mammy to the correct picture)

Tá Daidí ag éisteacht le ceol. (Daddy is listening to music) Ceangail Daidí agus an pictiúr ceart. (Match Daddy to the correct picture)

Tá Seán ag tógáil caisleán gainimh. (Seán is making a sandcastle) Ceangail Seán agus an pictiúr ceart.(Match Seán to the correct picture)

Tá Oisín ag ithe. (Oisín is eating) Ceangail Oisín agus an pictiúr ceart. (Match Oisín to the correct picture)

’ C : Spot the Difference

Circle the 6 differences

2.Ag Obair liom

P 68 : Mo Mhála Scoile /My schoolbag

Mo rialór agus mo bhiorár (My ruler and my parer)

There are lots of activities here

3.Starlight Reader : A Camping Trip

You will find the reader here

p 8 to 12

Skills Book P 27 & 28

More games and activities, the poem “ Ice Lolly“ and stories based on the reader are found here

Big Book 7 Cars , trains and Aeroplanes is found here

4.Ready Steady Write

P 58 One , Two , Three

P 59 Four, Five ,Six

There are lots of activities here

5.Sounds Make Words

P 63 - 67

Lots of supporting activities here

6.Mata Draíochta

P 111 Capacity English Version of page here (p44 in English version)

You will need a bottle , a glass, a bowl , a jug and a bucket.

The activity can be done at the kitchen sink.

Fill the empty bottle with water. Then pour the water from the bottle into the glass. Spill it out in the sink and repeat until all the water is gone. Count how many glasses were filled.

Repeat the process with the glass, the bowl, the jug and the bucket.

Write down the number of glasses each filled as you are going along.

In the book write the number of glasses each item filled in the box and colour the amount of glasses.

Fill in the blanks :

Líonann an _ an méid is mó (_ fills the most)

Líonann an _ an méid is lú (_ fills the least)

Líonann an _ thart ar an méid céanna agus a líonann an _ (­_ fills about the same amount as _

P 112 Capacity English Version of the page here (P44 in English version)

This activity can also be done at the sink. You will need a cup and any five different sized containers you have .

In the “Measaim” box your child writes down their guess, how many cups of water they think it will take to fill each container.

The then fill the container using the cup, keep filling it with water until it is full.

Fill in the blanks :

In the “Líon “ box they can write the actual measurement.

Coinníonn an _ an méid is mó (_ holds the most)

Coinníonn an _ an méid is lú (_ holds the least)

Coinníonn an _ thart ar an méid céanna agus a choinníonn an _ (­_ holds about the same amount as _)

P 113 Capacity (Holds the most / holds the least)

Look at the glasses under the bucket / the bowl / the teapot

Count them . Colour in the correct number of glasses.

Fill in the blanks :

Coinníonn an _ an méid is mó (_ holds the most)

Coinníonn an _ an méid is lú (_ holds the least)

P 114 Capacity (holds more than / holds less than )

Look at the jug . It holds 2 ½ glasses … níos mó ná 2( more than 2) , níos lú ná 3 (less than 3)

Fill in for the bowl and the bucket.

Some useful links to help with capacity

7.Nach Iontach an Domhain é

P 54 Ag tarraingt agus ag brú (pulling & pushing)

Talk about the pictures. Which pictures show pushing and which ones show pulling.

Write “Tarraing “ for pulling

Write “ Brúigh “ for pushing.

Look at the trollies : Which one would be the hardest to pull. Circle it.

Some useful links for Forces : Pushing & Pulling

p 55 The Island of Gold !

This is your Island and your gold is hidden there.

On the map draw a tree, a road, houses and mountains

Put an X where you have hidden your gold!

I hope you all have a lovely week and stay safe and well,


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