Naíonáin Mhóra

15.6.2020 - 19.6.2020

A Thuiste,

I hope that you are all well and that the páistí are all good.

Here is the suggested work for this week .

As always you are welcome to take photos and send on any work to me at .

  1. Ready Steady Write

P 64 : Writing Upper and Lower Case letters.

2.Sounds Make Words

P 77 - 80

Lots of supporting activities here

3.Mata Draíochta

P 122 & 123 Adding / Counting On English Version of the page here (P74 in English version)

Count the cent in each set and write the amount in the box. Match the money to the correct item. Colour

P 124 Time

earrach (spring)

samhradh (summer)

fómhar (autumn)

geimhreadh (winter)

lá breithe (birthday)

Nollaig (Christmas)

Cáisc (Easter)

Look at the pictures. Identify what season/ time of year it is. Match the words to the pictures.

4.Nach Iontach an Domhain é

P 60 Ag Fás (Growing up )

­_ is ainm dom . (Write your name on the line ).

Táim _ bliana d`aois (Write your age on the line)

Is féidir liom pictiúr a tharraingt díom féin. (Draw a picture of yourself)

Is féidir liom uimhreacha a scríobh . (Write some numbers).

Is féidir liom litreacha a scríobh . (Write some letters).

I hope you all have a lovely week and stay safe and well,


Fearann Uí Dhuagáin, Longfort.
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